Gallery of photos from participants

Participants send more than 200 photos to the exhibition of which 40 of them are published. In this gallery you can see all photos.

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Final exhibition catalog

Project „Pictures for the region“ aims to contribute to the increased youth mobility and intercultural learning in the region through art, by connecting 20 young people, ages 18-25, from Serbia, Albania, North Macedonia and Bosnia & Herzegovina,  in field of artistic photos on themes such as nature, portraits and folklore. All of them will be part of Facebook group – Virtual gallery, where they can upload their work and get feedback from experienced photographers.

All 20 trainees will participate in the basic 2day workshop in Kumanovo (North Macedonia) and 3day photo camp in Kragujevac (Serbia) and also, exhibit their best work on international exhibition. During the day, at the workshop and camp, all participant will have trainings with photographers, have photo walks together with trainers and in the evening, all participants will introduce themselves in photos and get to know each other and their cultures, thru music, food and customs.

Young people
Photo exhibition

Final exhibition Virtual gallery